Civil Engineering

Residential Civil Design

Wallace Structural Engineering, LLC (WSE) provides a comprehensive range of residential civil engineering services.  WSE has experience in providing consultation services for residential stormwater management. We also provide stormwater management system design as well as site layout consultation and design. In addition, WSE provides inspection services for residential civil engineering projects before installation, during the construction and installation process and afterwards to insure compliance with local, state and federal requirements.

Due to local, state, and federal environmental regulations, stormwater management is an increasingly important part of the construction and engineering process. Each new residential construction project is required to account for the retention, treatment or disposal of the stormwater that falls on the site. WSE has taken the lead in providing consultation, design, and inspection services in an effort to ease the burden on contractors and homeowners due to these regulations.

At WSE we take a hands-on, one-on-one approach to residential civil engineering. Every project offers its own unique challenges and opportunities. Using our extensive knowledge base, we will help you select the appropriate means of managing the stormwater needs of your project. Projects located near coastal dune lakes require special stormwater attenuation methods to protect their fragile ecosystem. Sites near existing bodies of water other than coastal dune lakes provide an excellent and cost effective means of stormwater mitigation. Sometimes something as simple as a landscaped retention pond can serve to account for the stormwater retention needs of a project. Such an installation can be either tucked away out of view or accentuated to provide an aesthetically pleasing feature. In other cases where space is at a premium and the specific site conditions are conducive, a subterranean storage and exfiltration system might be the most appropriate. At WSE we take pride in offering environmentally conscientious, yet cost effective solutions to the stormwater management needs of your project.

At WSE it is our goal to meet or exceed any and all applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations pertaining to stormwater management. We at Wallace Structural Engineering are very proud of the beautiful natural environment which we are lucky to call home. It is our strongly desire to do our part to help all our clients keep it beautiful for generations to come through the utilization of stormwater mitigation and management techniques that are appropriate to the conditions of the project as well as cost effective for the client.