Peer Reviews

Wallace Structural Engineers, LLC (WSE) performs structural peer reviews of projects. Typically these peer reviews are performed after the design is complete but before the building is constructed. WSE will write a brief report for the client at the end of the review period.

WSE will perform an independent lateral analysis for wind and/or seismic loading, analyze the gravity members for dead, live, snow and rain loading, review the geotechnical report, check foundation design for gravity & lateral loads and conformance with the geotechnical report, review the details on the drawings and review the general notes and specifications.

Founded in 2002 and with 20+ years experience in virtually every type of structural system throughout the southeast United States & British Virgin Islands including cultural, educational, healthcare, hospitality, housing, mixed use, office, religious, retail, site retention and specialty structures. With this wide range of project experience and qualified personnel, WSE is well suited to perform peer reviews.